Anonymous asked:

never mind i scrolled down, shane was using blackface dw about i knowwhat u r talking about

Yeah. He’s defending it, saying that something that was condemned as racism in the 1960s as a part of the civil rights movement at the time. The fact that he thinks this is okay and is not only denying it but is saying that people are using this to distract from his “movie” launch is beyond infuriating. No, fuck your movie. Deal with this, make your apology, and remove your racist videos. 

Youtube Creators:

I expect every youtuber who signed lacigreen's open letter to Sam Pepper to do the same when someone writes one to Shane Dawson. Also waiting for when Youtube removes the video, he is removed off any invitational list to youtube events ( edwardspoonhands) and from collaborations (thefinebros). If you’re going to take a stance on social justice and the respectable conduct of youtubers then it can’t be on one issue. It has to be across the gamut. You cannot condemn Viners for being a bunch of racist, sexist and homophobic people then go about your way blissfully ignorant when creators from your own medium do the same. #TeamInternet is losing ground swiftly in standing by and allowing their colleagues to go about with being openly racist.